Welcome to my website! I am an Assistant Professor of International Relations in the School of Social Sciences at Tsinghua University in Beijing. I am also an editor of The Chinese Journal of International Politics. I received my Ph.D. in Political Science from Duke University in December 2019, with specialties in Security, Peace, and Conflict and Political Methodology.

My substantive research interests lie at the intersection of international relations and comparative politics, with a specialization in armed conflict and political violence both within and across state borders. I am particularly interested in questions related to (1) the spatiotemporal dynamics of civil war, (2) the causes and consequences of armed conflict on social—gender & ethnic—hierarchies, and (3) how states influence one another’s behaviors/policy changes. My work has appeared or will soon appear in a number of academic journals including International Organization, International Peacekeeping, International Studies Quarterly, and The Chinese Journal of International Politics.

You can reach me at chongchen@tsinghua.edu.cn with questions about my research.