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“My job is to listen hard and to talk with students as a colleague, as a fellow seeker of knowledge and understanding–and to give the best advice I can offer if it is asked for, but mostly, mainly, to listen and to take the time to respect the ideas presented. They are often a great gift.” — Andrea Lunsford

Teaching Interests

  • Civil Wars

  • International Conflict

  • Foreign Policy Analysis

  • Statistical Programming

  • Quantitative Methodology


  • Undergraduate

    • Introduction to Quantitative Methods in International Relations, Tsinghua University, Fall 2020

Teaching Assistant

  • Undergraduate

    • PS233: Nuclear Weapons, Duke University, Spring 2019

    • PS146: Politics and Economics, Duke University, Spring 2018

    • PS329S: Politics in Violence, Duke University, Fall 2017


  • Methods workshop

    • Big Data, Machine Learning, and Conflict Prediction: Predicting Political Violence in Africa Using Spatial-temporal Models, Tsinghua University, July 2018

    • Data Visualization and Reproducible Research in International Relations, Nankai University, December 2017